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A Presence of the Past: My work as a storyteller in the artist book medium (2010)

Reading Dick and Jane With Me (2009)

It Wasn’t Little Rock (2009)

Mine was a Crooked Path – Skowhegan Notes (2009)

Picturing Us Together

It Wasn't Little Rock

Making Artist's Books

The Site of Transition from Female to Male

In so Many Words

Reliving My Mother's Struggle

The Plaintiff Speaks

Witness to Dissent

Women of Color

Taking the Private Public

American Black Student

Nuclear Food

Women's Studio Workshop Collaboration

Coast to Coast

Malcolm X (EHM)

Collaborative Sketchbook

Conversations at the Table


Women's Studio Workshop Collaborations at the Islip Art Museum, Islip, New York.

This collaboration of mixed media prints and drawings on paper were sent back and forth between Clarissa in Asheville, North Carolina and Chris in Rosendale, New York using the US Postal System. Through this exchange, they altered each other's work until the long distance dialogue became a physical interaction in the Islip Art Museum space.

Collaboration between Chris Petrone and Clarissa Sligh in 2009